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Montany EP - Perception of time (2022)

Montany EP - Perception of time (2022)

Perception of time is the latest release of Montany’s third studio album, this time an EP containing 5 tracks that clearly demonstrate what Montany stands for.

A lot has happened during the past years and much has changed in this world, luckily some things have remained the same. Montany keeps on going down the same path of creating great songs full of melody and excellent riffs. This 5 piece EP again shows the quality of the individual band members, but the saying here applies that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The combined power of the quartet gives the songs the extra boost that make them stand out from the rest. Ranging from mid paced to uptempo songs, varying from traditional to symphonic metal with rock influences, every song has its own characteristic but still blends in very well with the other songs. Tracks as “The Mad Hatter” and "Name in the Sky” are full of great modern riffs while not forfeiting on melody or letting themselves get too far away from the bands roots back in the nineties. Tracks as “Till the end of time” and “Devil’s stone” are a showcase of their writing skills of melodic metal with rock influences. The newly recorded version of “Dangerous” from the 2002 album “New Born Day completes the EP, it was musically rearranged with new solo’s, breaks and keyboards to fit it in with the other songs. All songs are completed with a subtle orchestration to give it the finishing touch.

This year the first video was released called “Devil’s stone” and shortly after this more videos will follow. It is clear Montany has stand the test of time and again it shows they belong up there with the best of what the Dutch metal scene has to offer.

Tracklist of “Perception of Time”
1. Till the end of time
2. Mad hatter
3. Devil’s stone
4. In the night
5. Dangerous