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Montany CD - Biogenetic (2013)

Montany CD - Biogenetic (2013)

On 30th of November 2013 we released our new album called Biogenetic.

During the recordings of this album, Montany’s musical dexterity had never been more evident. Their never-ending energy and passion of true metal gave birth to their best masterpiece in over a decade.

Thanks to Dirk’s great production, Biogenetic combines an entire spectrum of musical inspiration, spanning epic orchestration, grooving mid-tempo tracks and power songs into extraordinary pieces such as “Moment of Faith”, “Of Fire and Ice” and “Miles Away”. The rock ballad “Angels Smile” demonstrates the band’s admiration of memorable melodies.

At the core of the current Montany sound is Patrick’s high and clear voice giving each track a fresh, timeless flair. His unique style effortlessly melds the crisp highs with dynamic lows. And combined with Dirk’s passion for ultramodern and dark guitar riffs, the melody section is well represented in every song.

The rhythm section of the band is also in great hands. Stefan (bass) and Marcel (drums) are an experienced, balanced team with excellent timing producing songs which explode with energy and expression making you jump off your seat to rock ‘n roll!